Monday, December 21, 2009

Knitting Knitting Knitting

I've suddenly had a second burst of desire to make more things for Christmas. This is six days before Christmas Day.

I've just had a trip to the craft store.

Please pray for me.

Edited to add: Actually, four days before Christmas. I was in denial. I need more prayers.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

One Handmade Gift

Well at least one person will get something handmade this year. I'll model it for you:

Specs: Size 9 needles, some kind of yarn with pom-poms attached that I bought at a chain store. I can't find the ball band, but that's where I got the pattern--it's just 15 stitches across, knitting between the poms (this was actually pretty difficult!). The person that this is for asked for something "soft and pink" and it is both! Hope she likes it. (Hope she doesn't read the blog...)

I can't share some other things, in case of pre-Christmas exposure to the intended gift-ees. ;)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

On her first evening off from school...

Shannah did absolutely nothing. She laid around the house, in her pajamas, reading her new crafting book. She took a long bath. She cuddled with Roxie. She watched the Christmas lights twinkle. She drank hot tea. She watched the Food Network on TV. She refused to learn anything productive.

She went to bed early.

And it was wonderful.

Just a little note to say...

...I've finished my finals...

...and just purchased this book...

Let the crafting commence! ;)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Random sort-of-Christmassy List

1. There are massive craft-related giveaways going on this week at the Sew Mama Sew Blog. Massive. I'm even being self-less and sharing the links. Crafty wonderful free goodness. :)

2. I am on a cleansing diet for this week. I hate diets. Hate them. Am becoming a rather crabby bitchy person on this diet. Christmas season seems less Christmassy when someone brings you a pecan tart and rather than eating it you have to put it in the freezer. Or you open your Advent calendar and are sad to find a chocolate. I see why there are feast seasons and fast seasons. Fasting in a feasting season is hard on me. But probably good in the long run, right? I'm building moral stamina and practicing self-control. Or something like that.

3. Just finished reading Beloved by Toni Morrison for class. You must read this book. And then read some literary criticism about the text. And then be blown away.

4. It IS Christmas season, isn't it? Here are some fun things that are related to that time of year:
-Go Elf Yourself and your family. (This almost caused me to do serious bodily injury to myself, due to lack of oxygen from laughing so hard. I'd share my video here but I know it'll be more funny with your family.)
-Make White Chocolate Holiday Hash. It's a crowd favorite. You'll love it. Especially if you're not on a cleansing diet.
-Remember Christmas traditions and think on them when you should be working hard. My favorite Christmas tradition when I was little was listening to a Peter, Paul, and Mary TV special with my mother while she, my sister, and I decorated our tree. We always had a real tree, a tiny little thing in a pot that resembled a Charlie Brown Christmas, and after it had served its purpose inside, my stepfather would plant it out behind the house. We still have a staggered line of pine trees out there--each one year younger than the one next to it.