Thursday, August 12, 2010

Late Night Update

Well, I have one last paper to write as an undergraduate student. This one on the English dialect of Cuba. And then that's it.

So many, many things are still "TBD" over the next week or so--detail things like where we're going to live in less than a month and which furniture to leave by the dumpster AND big picture stuff like what to put in the vases at the wedding and how I'm going to do my hair.

Oh wait. I may have gotten that backwards.

Well, anyhow. It's truly amazing to me all that we've done in the last, oh, year or so together. I cannot believe how different things are than they were two years ago. I've gone from being a girl with a dog to ... a "we" with two dogs. And it's so much better that way. Sometimes I feel a little new-agey and try to send all this positivity out into the Universe--I wish everyone could share in what we're becoming. But that's what the wedding is for, right? Celebrating in community.

That's not far away at all.

Edited to add: I may be slipping away into sentimentality. Oh well. I've always had tendencies toward being "that kind" of English major anyhow. Don't be surprised if some Romantic poems surface here before this whole shebang's over. You've been warned.