Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday Happenings

Good day today.

This morning I went to a Prayer Shawl Ministry Meeting and sat and knit with some neat new people. I was so glad to find a group here, since I miss my ol' Lubbock group so much.

This afternoon, my new pillows arrived. I bought them from an etsy shop, "Zillow Pillows", where Mandy makes "zany pillows with personality," and indeed they are both of those.

I picked out an earthy one with trees that Roxie likes:

But the one I really wanted, the one that made me buy these pillows, is this one:

It is called "Knit Until You Die" and I absolutely love it. Look carefully; there is a Roxiedog dragging around some knitting, a kitty wrapped up in knots, chinese takeout (or is it Thai? I hope it's Thai!), a girl dressed up in too much knitting (reminiscent of one of the most wonderfully ridiculous websites, Stitchy McYarnpants), and a skeleton still holding some dastardly yarn and needles with a book called "Quick and Easy Knitting Projects" at her feet. The knitting propped up next to it is my latest sock project, a basic self-striping sock that I'll post details on when I finish.

To celebrate my new pillows I went out window shopping for other green living room items, came back with my bank account still full (nothing could measure up to those pillows!), and invited myself to dinner.

I cooked fish and had fresh cherries and carrots with it. I turned off the television and sat at my table, enjoying my new space. Rox was good mannered and kept herself under the table at my feet.

Despite my best efforts, it's a good thing that myself is nice. She didn't mention that the fish was overcooked (it was, badly) and she washed up after dinner.

Now I have a few weekly chores to do and then I will sit and knit for a while, with Roxie and myself for company. :-)

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