Sunday, November 1, 2009

Some Knitting

Another good, quiet, productive weekend. (I do miss Andy when he's out of town, but gosh I get a lot done!)

Outside it's so beautiful. The rain has stopped for a bit (we've been positively covered in rain here, which would be nice if my car's passenger-side window rolled up all the way, but since it doesn't, well, we won't discuss it...), so now we have that fabulous in-between weather, where it's cold but not too cold, just warm enough that you only need a light jacket, and the leaves are falling off the trees in little wavy motions in the woods behind my apartment. Roxie and I opened the door this morning to enjoy the cool air and the birds chirping. We were interrupted by a cat fight immediately in front of our porch (I had to go sit on my big dog so she wouldn't jump the gate to assist), but even with the door shut we were able to enjoy a bone and some coffee, respectively.

This afternoon has been for studying and reading and paper writing. (Roxie has been napping and snacking and napping.) And also something else: knitting.

Note the needle size compared to hand size there. Yes, this is to scale. Those are size 50 needles! They're perfect for my busy life right now, where every stitch needs to count for fifty stitches...and they do. I've got a blanket more than halfway done in one day, for my friend's wedding next weekend (let's hope she's too busy preparing to read this, or doesn't care about the element of surprise). And I'm okay with the fact that this knitting isn't intricate or delicate. I still think of her and her fiance with every stitch, and it will still keep them warm this winter and many winters to come.

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Marsha said...

Oh. My. Dog. Those needles are GINORMOUS! :)