Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter in Sweetwater

I do love my mother.

Only the two of us would celebrate Easter weekend together by listening to lectures on British History ("The Two Winstons" segment of Simon Schama's A History of Britain) and world literature (Life Lessons from the Great Books taught by J. Rufus Fears) and staying up late to watch Miss Potter. We are true nerds.

There was also much dog walking along the edge of fields with little wheat blades waving in the wind. (Roxie enjoyed eating these little wheat blades--?!) And much dog walking along the dirt road. Several horses stopped and lined themselves up to stare at us. Roxie froze and whined, not sure what to do. She loves horses, and can distinguish them from cows when we're driving in the car.

It rained on Easter Eve. In West Texas, this is the best way to celebrate the Resurrection and new life. I think Easter should be the beginning of the new year-- this year may it continue to rain and may the wheat grow tall and strong and may we all have a year filled with wonderful nerdiness.


And a Post Script because I can't help myself. NPR this morning featured an author who asked "Can Poetry Save the World?" and picked several poems that he thought could. If you have a moment, please visit the article here. Beautiful poems.

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