Thursday, May 14, 2009

*Hack Hack* *Cough Cough*

This week I was planning on doing a lot of things, since Andy is out of town. But I was blindsided by pounding sinus cavities, dripping nose, hacking coughs, and lots of other unpleasantness that began last Friday with a scratchy throat. Sure that I'd already infected everyone that I visited with last weekend in Austin, I went to the doctor on Monday. I was convinced that I had a)the swine flu or b)a sinus infection. Much to my surprise, the doc said I had ... allergies. That's it! Boring old allergies. "This can't be right," I said. "It must be something else," I whined. "But I've never had allergies like this!" I coughed out. She shook her head authoritatively and said "I'll bet you've never had a gray hair either, but one day you'll get one of those, too." So I took my prescriptions and went home. And I've gone to work and whined and sniffled and begged for pity and answered the phone in the strangest, stuffiest voice anyone's ever heard.

And that's been my week.

But what I had planned to do, what I wanted to do, was start on a quilt kit that I bought in Houston back over my birthday weekend in January. And, if I got tired of that, I still have some socks on the knitting needles and a cowl for my mother, and a drawer full of yarn in desperate need to be created into some garment or other. And then I found this tutorial for Hemp pendant lamps that would look fabulous over my dining room table.

There's been no crafting at all, though. I've been so sick that I haven't even gone to get my Roxie dog back from my parents' house, which makes me sad. But I haven't been lonely or bored.

I've had Andy's chi-weenie, Raider, to keep me company.

No crafting, but not such a bad week, after all.


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Marsha said...

Sorry to hear that you've been sick! It sounds like you and I got whalloped by the same thing this week. Yuck. Hope you're back to full health soon!