Friday, September 11, 2009

In Which I Start Out Strong But Still Leave Out Any Craft-Related Content

I started a little redwork embroidery based on this pattern last weekend.

That's it. That's all I've got related to any craft activity. And my camera's broken. So if you were hoping for any crafting excitement, sorry. I just disappointed you.

But-let-me-just-tell-you-what. I have learned, this week, about Jaques Derrida and deconstruction.

Now, wouldn't you think that an English student in a major state university would have heard of this guy before, well, she had been taking classes for six years?

Well I had not.

And I find it almost insulting to think that, because I was a creative writing major, the aforementioned university felt that I didn't need to know about major methods in literary criticism and thought. Shouldn't writers, more than anybody else, know what is going on in writing, and why, and how?

Now I'm an English literature student in a non-major state university. And gosh, am I learning.

I don't know that I particularly like Derrida. Maybe I do. I'll let you know. As soon as I understand it...

So, there's a digression onto some literary territory. Next post I'll try to get back to something more craft-related.


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