Tuesday, September 22, 2009

So Long, Summer

Lightening shot down and it THUNDERED last night. Roxie stared out through the window into the darkness, thrilled by who-knows-what, wagging her tail occasionally. I sat on the couch and read a story by Nathaniel Hawthorn and some theories on Freudian literary theory and also a little Hegel and Austen. (Such variety of class this semester!)

Today, as is appropriate for the first day of fall, it is chilly here. I'm wearing my tights and my boots for the first time under my skirt since last winter, and I've had my umbrella out and a jacket on.

It makes me happy; it makes me think of last fall and anticipate my new fall ahead.

So, goodbye summer! Goodbye heat and beach trips and cherries eaten by the pound and little portable knitting projects. Goodbye dog panting beside me in the heat. Goodbye sweet iced tea.

Hello, Fall! It's time to dig out my sweaters and tights. Time to make soups and chili and lentil casseroles. Time to cover myself in hand knit things, in socks and blankets and shawls and scarves. Time to go out in the chill air and hike around the woods with Roxie and Raider joyously running ahead. Time to think about cooking and making things for others and taking little vacations to see family on special days. Time to stay up late with hot tea, reading a good book.

I'm from Texas, so I know the weather will go back up for a bit soon, but it is so nice, for today, to think ahead, to anticipate fall and winter spices, to pull out the heavy wool, and to open the door a little and let the fresh, cool air inside.


Marsha said...

I love the return of sweater weather!

Abby said...

Goodbye Sweet iced tea!?!?! Honey this is Texas, we'll drink that standing butt nekid the snow! (that is if it ever snowed) :)