Wednesday, January 20, 2010



Last Sunday was my birthday, and I had a wonderful time with my family including personal chocolate lava cakes.

Then there was Martin Luther King Day on Monday and a trip to the park. And this:

And we are so happy.

And this week there's school starting and i-really-must-do-homework-right-this-very-minute.

More soon, including the proposal story. I just had to post something.


Abby said...

I already said it else where but YAY! congrats!

Jen Anderson said...

Congratulations and much happiness. When it comes to wedding planning, I think I have some tips in my blog archive in late 2007/early 2008. (Sorry I can't give exact links--I'm moving next week and can only deal with so much.)

Aside from what's there, just remember that it's your wedding and if you don't want to do something (bouquet toss, etc.) and your aunties (or whoever) think you should, you get final vote.

Also, don't let someone's date sit next to you or your groom at the reception or your cousin's ex-bf who dumped her right before she had to take the MCATs, ruining her chances of going to med school will be in your pictures in a position where he can't be cropped out. Just to pick a completely un-random example. :)

Marsha said...


HOLY COW! That is HUGE news! Congratulations to your both! Hooray!