Sunday, August 3, 2008

In Which I Begin a Clapotis

I went, innocently enough, into the Wooly Ewe Friday. And it was innocently enough, I don't care what anybody says. But I was looking around, and not getting overwhelmed, and feeling fiber, and chatting with the wonderful ladies that work there, and I found this:

No, not Roxie. The yarn. This is Araucania "Ulmo Multy" Color 710. There were only 4 skeins, two were the lighter color there, and two the darker. So I bought them, had them wound into balls, and headed to my parent's house, where I am staying this week while they get to go to fabulous North Carolina. (I am not upset by this at all, even if I am stuck here in hot Texas while they go somewhere fabulous and cooler. Have I mentioned yet that every day last week was over 100 degrees? EVERY DAY.) This makes my commute an hour and a half one way again. There is a serious lack of public transportation here, which would make the commute bearable, because I could knit on this:

This is my Clapotis. I have wanted to knit this pattern for years, but haven't yet been inspired by a yarn that I could afford. The Araucania Ulmo inspired me. It's cotton, and soft. And I read the instructions on the tag before I got two far: "As there are no dye lots, we recommend buying enough yarn at one time to complete each individual project. Knit with two hanks in assorted rows (2-4). This will assure an overall blended effect." I am, and it is. I am oh-so-pleased.

I have been discussing these project with everyone, and everyone has been giving me the same appreciative sighs I give my brother when he discusses draft picks... but that's allright. I'm pleased with this project so far, with every bit of it. The pattern is simple, but with enough change to keep me interested, and the yarn is all of my favorite colors, so I am thrilled. I knit all day yesterday. My wrists didn't even hurt so bad with the bigger needles.


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