Wednesday, August 20, 2008

No Knitting This Week


But that is why I have this blog, because it is not only about knitting. :-)

This week, I have been cleaning. My living room, dining room, and kitchen are finally free of all traces of moving in (which is kind of a joke, because my "dining room" is maybe 6 by 3 feet). And I am not going to accept any criticism about how long in took me to move in. Some of us are slower than others. This doesn't mean a thing.

Last weekend, I had a visit from lovely Carlyn. A "sleep-over" if you will. We had fun enjoying tax-free weekend and did our part to help the economy (read: we shopped until we dropped). I bought pants a size smaller than I usually do, and tops from stores I used to have to ignore, and a bra with a band that measured 4" less than any I've bought in several years. I went into Lane Bryant and had to leave, because everything was too big. I am not trying to brag. I am celebrating!!! I had a rough week this week weighing in, so it's nice to still see that I am thinner.

But, aside from shopping, I loved seeing Carlyn again. Once, she was a great roommate. Roxie loves her. And I can't wait until she is actually living up here again.

So why all the cleaning AFTER Carlyn's left?

Because my stream of visitors is ever-flowing! This weekend, I expect two of my favorites. I can't wait until they get here. And one is a repeat into my new apartment. My stepmother warned me that it's okay the first time people come through and your pictures aren't hung, but by the second time they'd better be up. I think this is good advice. So I'm working on it.

But there's still a bedroom and a bathroom, so... er... I'll post more later. :-)

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