Sunday, August 24, 2008

On a Political Note

I am a democrat. In Texas. (There are a few of us here, despite what you've heard.)

So, on two social networking sites, I put up this as my profile picture:

The reason I did this is simple: I am proud of America, for once, that we have this candidate. I do believe that maybe, in a tiny way, we again have "reason to hope." I did not write anything about my political views on these sites. I did not write anything about this candidate on anybody else's profile. I simply put up the picture, which isn't even that overt.

Here are some comments that I got:
"More like...NObama!"
"Nader! He stands for all the things that people THINK Obama stands for!"
"I threw up a little bit when i saw your shirt said Obama on it. I never would have thought a church secretary would support the antichrist."

Wow. These are people I actually know, but haven't talked to in a few years. It surprises me that seeing my picture inspired them to make contact, and that these are the comments that they chose to leave.

So much for hope.


1 comment:

Abby said...

Wow! Those were seriously uncalled for, and what does being a church secretary have anything to do with your political views?