Saturday, November 15, 2008

Unpaved Paradise

Roxie and I were here for a couple of hours today.

On the way home, I heard about these dome houses on NPR's Studio 360. Why don't we all live in these? They look quite nice, and they are cheap, and good for the environment. Mom, I know you read this. You should have one of these in your backyard as a guest home. On the Cal-Earth website (linked above), they have the plans. No? I can see the West Texas winds blowing over those domed roofs...

I also went to a "Fall Festival" and bought some Christmas gifts. And some Paper White Narcissus bulbs. I'm going to try and not kill the bulbs, but I'm not guaranteeing anything. This is what I plan to do with them. I've been promised that it's very easy. We shall see.

And now Rick Steves is talking about tracing Odysseus's steps while I knit.

I hate to be a total nut, but I agree with the Southern California woman on Studio 360: "Everything is beautiful. The world is beautiful."

Let us celebrate Earth's beauty and build dome homes and grow flowers and knit our own clothing.


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