Saturday, October 4, 2008

Creative Pursuits

And what did you do today, Shannah?

Well, I knit on a hat for Ro:

And then I painted for me:

And now I'm watching Mythbusters.

Ah, a sucessful Saturday. :-)

Would you like a few details on the creative pursuits?

The hat is the Skull Hat from Knit Two Together, and is a redo for Ro since the first hat I made him is woefully small. So much so that if I could find a kid that likes pirates, or skulls, or black and gray, I would give it to them. I can't even wear that hat. This one seems to fit much better so far, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I could have swatched, but that's not nearly as much fun.

The painting is, frankly, a poor knockoff of this painting by Masha D'Yans. I saw it at Urban Outfitters, but scoffed at the $50 and thought "I can do that," so I am. I didn't want strawberries on it. I put red-purple flowers instead. It's drying, and then I'll go back and put the rings on it like she did. I'm sorry for copying. I am not a true artist. But... I loved it... and... I wanted to change it... :-)


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Abby said...

hmmm...Who do you know that has a small head??? *wink, wink,*