Monday, October 13, 2008

Our Weekend

Rox and I had a good weekend.

Friday, before the company arrived, there was complete demolition of both tennis ball and rope toy:

Then there was a quick clean up, and I departed for the State Fair of Texas with my family (pictures to come; I didn't take my camera). There were crafts, and a car building, and a butter sculpture, and a sand sculpture, and dancing dogs, and baby rabbits, and so many other things. And food. I felt like Templeton with his smorgasbord in Charlotte's Web. Oh it was a delight...if you are going to ruin your diet, this is the way to do it. All of the fried things you can imagine! I sigh a little bit, remembering it... mmmm...

Well, moving on. Saturday morning, my mother dearest arrived to spend some time on the couch with Roxie:

We had wonderful food at a local vegan restaurant: vegetable wraps, and potato salad, and orange wedges, and an oatmeal cranberry cookie, and arrived back to my apartment in time to meet Roxie's next visitor:

It's Danielle!

After zooming around the apartment for a while, she settled back onto her favorite couch spot, and resumed the very serious business of relaxing:

What a wonderful time we had! We saw a terribly costumed (but well read) version of "The Merchant of Venice," went to church, drank lots of hot tea and coffee, knitted together, and (my favorite part) visited happily.

It was wonderful to have both my mother and Danielle here. Thanks to both of them for coming! I love them both! My little apartment didn't feel crowded at all, just comfortably full.


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Abby said...

It sounds like you and Roxie had a wonderful weekend! I agree the way to blow your diet is on fair food!!!!