Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Random Creativity

I did watch the presidential debate this evening. And last night I watched this episode of "Frontline" on PBS. I am all politicked out. (Sort of--I mean, I always have an opinion. Ask me.)

So, no more presidential discussion. (I have been rather restrained, lately.)

During debate watching, Roxie and I engaged in a few creative pursuits, including:

painting improvement

There is something seriously wrong with this purchased canvas--the paint won't stick in some spots, as you can see with all the white areas. But I think it fits, since it's supposed to be all windblown and everything. Not sure if this is done yet, anyway. I'm putting it back on the bookshelf to look at for a while.

sock completion

This is the first of some basic self-striping's a bit big, so I guess the pair won't be for me...

rope tugging

picture taking, and

general relaxation.

And, oh look: the Random Number Generator was kind to me! I won a contest on the Quiddity Blog! How fun... I get some yarn!!! For free!!! Thanks, Jane!


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