Monday, October 20, 2008

Things Accomplished

I have a list:
1. Roxie had her annual vet appointment. He said he had no comment at all during her physical, which is apparently rather unusual (and a good thing), and she is "ideal" as far as her weight is concerned. She got all her shots and is stocked up on heartworm medicine again.
2. Drove to my parents house and put Roxie in the back yard. She spent most of the weekend out there, happily chasing squirrels.
3. Bought some smaller clothing (yay!).
4. Ate wonderful fried fish topped with sweet relish and onions. (You must try this. It is amazing.)
5. Ate pecan cobbler. Also wonderful.
6. Watched my brother play soccer and win. Twice. He made an unassisted goal (I think that's what it's called). I was very proud of him, even with as little as I can understand about soccer. I do understand this: he really is very good, and it's fun to watch the teams play now that they have more control. I need to learn a bit more about soccer, so that I can cheer intelligently.
7. Went to a church bazaar. Had beans, and a slice of strawberry cake that was almost as good as my Ma-maw used to make. I bought some plum jelly to eat on my diet toast in the mornings.
8. Bought this shower curtain on sale at Kohl's. (Used up the rest of a gift card from last Christmas. Ahem.) So now I'm on the way to a decorated bathroom. Sort of. I didn't buy new towels. I'm still considering my options.
9. Watched W. with Zachary. This was interesting. I'm still pondering it over. Since I'm not sure how accurate it is, I can't really judge Bushie based on it. But it is always interesting to try and view things from another perspective. Over the years I've often wondered what on earth the man was thinking. I do like that the movie made him seem human. I would like to see someone explain the fact/fiction parts--but who can except for Bush himself? Highly unlikely. Better for all of us to just realize that everyone really is doing the best he/she can, given their gifts and abilities.
10. Went to my Dad's church.
11. Planted pansies in the back yard, in the holes that Roxie has dug there (sorry Dad and Shirley...).
12.Baked cookies for Kairos.
13. Discovered that the striped socks fit Shirley's feet, so I guess she gets them for Christmas (provided I finish the second one, which is always a big IF).
14. Talked a lot.
15. Drove home this morning early, and made it to my house in an hour. (With traffic, it usually takes an hour and a half.)
16. Left Roxie sleeping in bed and came to a busy day at work.

And, I suppose, that's the end of the weekend!


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Abby said...

Wow! what a busy little bee you are! I love you shower curtain!