Monday, December 8, 2008

Birthday, Bookstore, and Bulbs

'Twas the little bro's birthday this weekend. He gets a two-week birthday this year since his day was taken over by a soccer tournament, but I got to be there for the first one, complete with a giant cookie with frosting instead of a cake. I can't believe who he is becoming. He's interesting, intelligent, caring...he is curious about world events and forms conclusions that he can articulate. He's good at all the "manly" physical things, too, which helps if you're a boy. And, in addition, he's good looking (if I do say so myself). Fourteen!

On a break from that soccer tournament, I got to visit the new independent bookstore in Plano. (Mom, note there that romance author Jodi Thomas--"the Queen of Texas romance" was also there on the 6th.) I'm really surprised that there's a new bookstore opening, what with the problems in publishing of late. But I am so glad. It was a wonderful store (a little light on places to sit, but perhaps that's because you're supposed to buy books at a store, not just look at them) with a whole NPR and Indie Books section. Even a live cooking demonstration area, with a chef making appetizers. It's a good thing that Plano's 45 minutes from my house, or I'd make bookstore visitations a habit (oddly enough, this is the same problem I have with yarn stores--living where I do is good for my finances).

My Paperwhite Narcissus bulbs are shooting up like crazy. I am so excited--they are my visual reminder of Advent, and they're about to burst into bloom.

And speaking of birthdays, happy early 400th birthday, John Milton. How cool would it be to sit down with caffeine and snacks and read through Paradise Lost in one sitting?


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