Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas, In Sum

For my first half of Christmas, I went to one set of my parents' house.

I stuck my little camera disk into the computer and there were lots of pictures. But almost all of the pictures were of animals... typical Shannah I suppose.

So here are Bob and Elf, enjoying the wealth of having a real tree indoors.

Bob really liked it under the tree:

In fact, all of the animals thought the tree was just a fantastic thing (including Sarah and Roxie).

Roxie and Bob have a special relationship. (The first picture is a silent bark, not a threat, from Rox. I was standing in the kitchen, and she felt that she deserved some of the cheese ball.)

Oh, and there were some people, too. Here's part of the fam:

(I'm there on the right, with the messed-up bangs...why doesn't anyone ever tell me to fix my hair? Click here and scroll down to see what I mean. Do I walk around with my bangs like this all the time?)

Roxie had some bang issues, too. So we put a bow on it.

And she rested happily.

Some other wonderful wonderful Christmas things:

1. Every single gift I got was thoughtful. I felt very special. From this book and this book to a crock pot (complete with vegetarian cookbook!) and an unbelievable necklace from a local shop to prismacolor colored pencils and a sketchpad and other things I've forgotten to mention, I was very grateful. I got my requested gift: a nice warm fleece, too.

2. It was fun giving gifts this year. I gave mostly handmade things--either by me, or from etsy. That felt really good, too.

3. I now own a new sewing machine. A Kenmore Model 15358. I researched and researched and read reviews and articles (I found this article particularly helpful) and decided that for my pricepoint, this Kenmore was my best option. Thanks to my father and stepmother, some of this machine was a birthday gift from them and some a gift from me out of my Christmas bonus. So far I am thrilled. I am a beginning sew-er (?), having devoted most of my energy to knitting over the years, but I am ready to add another craft. I am really really excited. I can't wait to really dig into another project. (I tried to make a shirt from a Simplicity pattern, but I'll spare you the gory photos and just say that I may need a bit more practice before I jump in to set-in sleeves.)

4. On New Year's Eve I go to my other parents' home, and get to continue Christmas. It's actually pretty fun, spreading it all out like this.


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