Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'm Dreaming of a Handknit Christmas

This is the busiest December I've ever had! I have a few homemade gifts this year, but if they are not done by now, they will not be done. So, in the "spirit" of Christmas, and thinking that "it's the thought that counts," here are the gifts that I would make if I could stay at home and knit every day until Christmas, and if I could knit this many gifts in a week. (I still will have gifts, and they might be handmade--even handknit, but they won't be these. Sorry. Just imagine with me.)

The new knitty is out, and it has inspired me. So note, I couldn't have made these gifts, even if I wanted to, because the patterns just became available a week ago Wednesday. And there's always next Christmas, right?

1. A school of fish hats for my friend Abby, her husband, and her darling boy.
2. A Tushy Cushy for my brother. Because what 14-year-old wouldn't want a butt?
3. Some really funky house shoes for my friend Rebecca, who's really more into moose, but, you know, ox are cool, too...
4. Knit earrings for my friend Faries, who is a jewelry queen.
5. These fancy socks for Carlyn because she is the sock queen. And I would make them out of
this yarn. (Just imagine them, soft and pink and pretty!)

And then, there are other patterns in other places that I would like to make:
1. The trees on this afghan would make it perfect for my gardening stepfather.
2. The Tsock Tsarina's York and Lancaster Socks would thrill my mother to no end. (But this kit isn't even available to me until July 2009, so I'm off the hook here, right?)
3. I just think that a cupcake apron made out of washable cotton would be really cute, and I'd love to give it to my stepmother.
4. And for my dad, a scarf knitted in Oklahoma State colors.

Also, I started making mini mitten sets for everyone else, as a little gift, but that's not going to happen either. Sorry. Maybe next year. (Maybe not.)

So there. I spent time thinking about you. But the combination of Advent bulletins, out of town trips, vacation, carpal tunnel symptoms, eating, and sleeping was too much.

But you all will get something. And some of you will get something handknit. I'm finished with my Christmas shopping, and now I only have to wrap. I love you all. It's been fun to think about you and what you would like these past few months.



Abby said...

I LOVE the fish hats!!!!! If I had time to knit anymore I would make them for us myself. But now that I think about it I think I think I have forgotten how to knit! I haven't done any thing since knitting a pumpkin hat for Milo before he was born.

MB said...

The afghan with trees is quite elegant. The York and Lancaster socks -- yes! (And you are off the hook since the pattern is not available yet). Really and truly, just the thought is sufficient. We love you!!!!!!!!!!!
The best thing one can do for Christmas is create space in one's own mind and heart -- that's what you're doing. Don't worry about the have-to-get-done stuff. It's the love -- and you show it always.