Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Vacation Wrap-Up

In El Paso, I:
* began to like jalapenos (this may be an exaggeration)
* talked a lot with my friend F (hooray!)
* watched this and this.
* window shopped
* had a terrible cold (I had to make my friend take me to get cold medicine, and I was a bit embarrassed by this)
* hiked in Cloudcroft:

(Isn't it beautiful?)
* shocked someone I met with by doing three things: 1. being a vegetarian, 2. having had pet rats, 3. knitting. She'd never met anyone who had done any of those. (I'm quite the unique one.)
* sat on the couch and read while my friend ran five miles each day. (I am also the lazy one.)
* was shocked by meeting someone who "never reads." (Seriously. I did recommend a few romance novels...)
* had a wonderful wonderful time, and I already miss my dear F again.

I flew back to Dallas, with an incredibly strange feeling in my sinuses (sort of like pain, but weirder) due to my cold, and read some fiction the whole way. Because it was Thanksgiving, the stewardess sang (I am not making this up) and we each got a Hershey's kiss in addition to our complimentary drink and bag of peanuts.

Upon arrival, I was swept away by a car full of Beagles (3 to be exact: "Angel," "ESPN," and "Shadow") and my sister and brother-in-law. We arrived at my dad's with lots of enthusiasm and tail-wagging and hugs. We put the 5 dogs in the yard (3 beagles + 1 lab ("Sarah," my parent's dog) + 1 ugly dobermut= 5) where lots of squirrel chasing ensued, and then I proceeded to top my week of eating by eating even more. Oh it was just wonderful.

My Paper White Bulbs are growing like crazy. As soon as I retrieve them from where I left them at my dad's house I'll put up some pictures. I think they may be blooming by Christmas, and I am thrilled. Maybe something I grow will survive? Maybe? It's exciting, like when I was a little kid in science class, watching my bean sprout.

And in all that vacation, I still managed to:
* knit a few inches on a sock.
* edit two stories.
* write a few pages on a new story.
* make a sketch of a painting that will be a Christmas gift.

Ah, Christmas. More on that particular subject soon.

(I also bought more food today. Because I haven't eaten enough.)


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