Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Arm Drama

The hospital I've been going to for my xrays, surgery, doctor's appointments, etc., was on the news Friday. It closed. Yes, closed. Apparently it's in bankruptcy.

Monday, concerned, I called my doctor's office (his main office is in another city, not at the hospital) and surprised them with the news.

Today, the day they were supposed to take the rest of my cast off, I called again, and was given this response: "You've got to give us some time here." I was polite.

But I'm not feeling polite. I want this thing off my arm! I want my arm back, my wrist back. I want to knit and sew and paint and play tug-of-war with Roxie!

And I'm reminding myself that patience is a virtue. That it's either gut up or give up. So I'm gutting up. At least my arm is still there, under the cast, waiting. I'll get to see it soon.



Anonymous said...

The hospital just closed? Just like that? Wow.

Hope you get to see you arm again soon!

Abby said...

OMG! That is crazy! Can they send you to another hospital?