Thursday, March 26, 2009

In Which I Reveal More About My Personal Life

On a note unrelated to anything but my opinion, I hate that schools have come to selling ad space on their paper. But (thank you, my dear NPR), I do love a good group dance. I am particularly gifted at the bunny hop, myself.

As the arm heals, the crafting increases. I'm planning a quilt, but I only have 20 coordinating squares, so I've thought of this arrangement with big borders:

Or maybe I'll cut them into triangles and be really wild.

There's been some knitting, too:

This is the spiral cowl that I was working on that fateful day when it iced over. I've missed mom's birthday by three months, but there's a chance for cold weather down here long into April (when I was in middle school it snowed eighteen inches one year). And there's always next year.

There was a little progress on the bright orange monkey socks on the way to New Orleans, too. I'll keep their picture secret for a bit.

Speaking of that trip, I've been corrected. I did not go with "a friend." I went with Andy. See:

Hi Andy. ;-)