Sunday, March 8, 2009

(Not Really A) Knitting Post

It's nice to be sitting here with only an ace bandage and a brace wrapped around my wrist. However, I'm still as useless as ever (I say this in good spirits).

I knit using the "throw" method, so I thought that maybe I could knit a little bit with my brace. Having one hand makes me really aware of all those little things I used to do without thinking. I'd forgotten how much I do with my left hand when knitting--it's the holding hand, the steady hand, the background hand. An important hand.

So I won't be knitting for a few more weeks (3 in the brace!). However, I'm considering my sewing machine. I think I might be able to run that with a brace... and there's always painting... maybe I'll get a creative post up soon...

(My what a lot of elipses! I think it's time for bed.)


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