Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cold and Dark (But Bright Again!)

Last night, I left work and came home to this. No power at all. I only have electricity--no gas--so I had nothing. I called the power company, and they said that the power had already been out for several hours, and would continue to be out for a while. Apparently we had a little ice-on-the-power-line issue.

You up north people can laugh at me for this, since it was probably nearly thirty degrees outside, but I was so cold. (Roxie was, too; she has very short fur.) I put on three layers of socks. I covered myself with a couple of hand-knit prayer shawls. I got into bed. I ate a sandwich and read.

Texas weather is crazy. CRAZY. Last weekend the weather was in the 70s. According to that article, today's high will be close to 60 and by Friday we'll be back to the 70s again. I really don't understand. Don't we get seasons here? I seem to remember seasons--maybe. I've lived here my whole life. Maybe I imagined them. Maybe I've read too many books. But 70 in the winter and 100 in the summer? And a dozen below freezing days? Doesn't this seem a bit odd to you?

And after 8:00, the power did come back on. So I got out of cleaning up for another day.


But you know what? After listing to the news this morning, I am so grateful to live in a country where the power comes right back on, where I can complain about this little outage.

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Turtle said...

power outages always suck! we live in an area where one street in particular always (always!!) has trees take out power lines, and we share their grid! So for xmas this year i got a generator! lol, and i am very happy about it too! Two years back we were out for almost 6 days just before xmas while it was in the 20's out. no fun! glad you survived!! (the wind is howling outside..fingers crossed!)