Thursday, January 22, 2009

Some Are Having A Harder Time Than Others

Here is a selection of Facebook status updates from my old high school friend "S." You may recall my post a while back regarding nasty comments about a picture I put up of myself in an Obama t-shirt. S wrote "More like NObama" as a comment there.

S's facebook updates started around the same time that I put up that picture of myself. The first was invitational:
S reminds you to go out and vote tomorrow!! McCain/Palin 08.

Then, quickly, his hopes were dashed:
S thinks America cares more about money than character... Matthew 6:24.
S thinks that although he may be my president, I don't have to like it!

And they got increasingly aggressive over the next few months:
S thinks it's funny how Obama is not going to implement his windfall tax on oil companies now. Hahahahaha! So much for change.
S thinks Global Warming is retarded and that anyone who falls for that ridiculous scam is too!!
S thinks Rush Limbaugh is hilarious!

This week, there have been a rapid succession of status changes:
S will not submit to the Obamamania! It's carpe diem Monday!
S thinks pork, pork, pork! It's not a stimulus package it's pork!
S can't believe Obama's releasing terrorists!!! OMG!!

I really want to post a comment, but I can't think of anything polite to say; I can't figure out a way to say anything that he wouldn't just find insulting. But I have been secretly enjoying watching his postings, especially as they grow increasingly frantic and accusatory. It's fun to be on the other side, rejoicing, after so many years of being unhappy. I'm sorry that he hasn't fallen into some spirit of unity though. I think he'd be happier that way. I know the rest of us are.



Marsha said...

Wow. So harsh and negative. And so very hateful. I feel very sorry for that person--not because of his political affiliation, but because his fear and insecurity is so obvious.

(On a totally unrelated note, today's word verification is "marmsion." I think it's the name of Paddington Bear's house. Heh.)

Jen Anderson said...

wow. None of my republican facebook friends have been advertising their rage. Since the right wing news and it's devotees were so angry when they were in power, I have to wonder how much angrier and unhappy they're going to make themselves.

You could respond to him by saying "I survived Bush. You'll survive Obama." And in response to the gitmo hysteria, you can quote Jon Stewart, "It's not like they'll be working at Dairy Queen. They're still going to be in jail."

It's really hard to point and laugh when people start spouting the crazy.