Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year from West Texas!

P.S. I love all the Christmas stories!

I'm continuing Christmas at my step-father and mother's home in West Texas. When I was school-age I'd spend the majority of my year out here. It's nice to have a place that goes back almost as far as you do. Here, my sister and I went to school, but also: sculpted two horses out of dirt that we "rode," actually did ride our bicycles up and down the dirt road, crafted quietly in the house, screamed and ran outside like wild children, watched the cotton bowl up and get harvested, picked five acres of asparagus, dropped okra seeds into little ruts while perched on the back of the tractor, filled buckets with glass and old bailing wire, dug post holes, stretched fences, bottle-fed baby goats, moved adult goats, and learned to drive. And then we drove away.

But sometimes, we come back, and we are happy here. I am happy here, today. I had a lot of little clever things to say (I am always so clever before I actually sit down to blog...), but I think I'd rather just leave with some pictures of the farm. Here's where I've been since New Year's Eve. I've been knitting on the orange sock you'll see, just some monkeys and also on an Elm Row scarf which is lace, so currently just looks like a messy jumble. Also, I brought my new sewing machine and Mom and I have done some cooking. But a lot of our time we've spent behind the house, in the empty cotton field (no cotton this time of year!), walking Roxie and my parents' two beagles (Snoopy and Odie).

Roxie kept Mom company during her nap.

The road in front that Rox isn't allowed to really walk along because she thinks chasing cars is divine.

The Beagleboys.

Orange monkey.

This is how hard the wind was blowing--30 miles per hour today. (And it was 70 degrees, too!)

Our house from the cotton field.


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