Monday, January 12, 2009

Seven Random

A short list:

1. Bush tugged at my heart a little this morning. I really think, maybe, the man was trying to do what he thought was right. Perhaps. I guess if all of my decisions were on the national stage, I wouldn't face up to much criticism. Maybe this is why I'm not part of the national stage. But it was interesting to hear him commenting about the people who don't like him, and hear him saying that he could see where the republican party had alienated people (he didn't say it exactly like that, but I'm trying for the best here). Also, it was really great that he's planning on sticking with the whole "one president at a time" thing...

2. And on a related note, on NPR: Nikki Giovanni wrote a Song of Celebration in honor of a certain event next Tuesday.

3. I was amazed by National Geographic Channel's "In the Womb" shows about dogs and cats this weekend. Very cool! I learned that cats practice their grooming in the womb, and that the large variety of dog breeds is due, in part, to the way that their nose develops relatively late in the process. So nice, I watched them twice! (And I was knitting and therefore not really concentrating the first time they came on.)

4. I am determined to make these owl mittens by this weekend, in pink yarn, for my sister's birthday. They're very fast, if only I could find the right gauge, and the right yarn (apparently my fingering weight yarn collection is very large, but my worsted weight is not), and the time...

5. This weekend, I learned that Roxie sleeps all day. ALL DAY. I was home with her, and it's all she did. All she wanted to do, apparently. She even groaned at me when I moved my leg under her snoring head. When she visits my parents' house, she can't relax--she's a squirrel/rabbit/cat chasing maniac. But at home, with a giant window looking out on the woods? She sleeps.

6. Speaking of Roxie,I found this cool illustration shop on Etsy. Just look at those dogs! She's got them down. I particularly like the doberdog. That is exactly how Roxie sits.

7. Anna Maria Horner's Drawing Room Fabric makes me want to stay home and perfect how to work that new sewing machine. I particularly like the "Green Sketchbook" pattern (the seventh one, with the bird).

So there you go: Political thoughts, animal thoughts, and crafting thoughts. Have a great Monday!


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Abby said...

I watched in the womb too! That was amazing!