Tuesday, February 24, 2009

From the Wonderfully Obnoxious Cacophony of Family to Being Quiet at Home with the Dog

My family is often a seething organism of laughter and noise, as evidenced in this picture:

Contrary to the photographic evidence, I did not create the problem by talking. The problem was created by the tall young thing behind me, the one on the left with the smirk on his face. Are you ever too old to wrestle with your brother while taking family pictures? I begin to wonder...

On a related note, the above "young thing" and I had a long discussion Sunday about the difference between snark and irony. I contended that many of his comments were merely snarky and therefore unproductive and, however intelligent, easily disregarded. He contended that he did not care.

I am in another good place this evening.

Reading Clear Light of Day by Anita Desai. Blogging. Watching our dear president. (I do still like him so: "We cannot govern out of anger.")

And in case you were wondering, and to continue with the main theme of this blog:

Roxie is doing pretty well herself. She sends you greetings from the bed.


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