Thursday, February 12, 2009

Still Overexcited About Having the Dog Back

Not too much to report here in the One Dog Apartment.

After our twelve-mile extravaganza on Sunday, Rox and I have been Relaxing. (Look at the MUD on those legs! She literally sunk into the lake at the state park... it's the most fowl-smelling mud ever, trust me. And I can't lift her into the tub with one arm. I wiped her down with a pet wipe and she's licked hers legs a bit, but I may have to invest in some larger-level cleaning.)

Our week is going well. I finally invested in Tylenol PM which is the secret to sleeping with a broken arm (may you never have to find this out). With sleep, I've been able to work my normal hours, watch some TV,

and relax with my big baby.

Sometimes, it's just wonderful to have someone to talk to who will slant her head and look interested. Someone to feed cookies to and take out for walks. I'm still not convinced that men are better than pets. Pets are cuddlier and less needy. Easier to care for with one arm. Unless you have to bathe them.


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