Sunday, February 1, 2009

I Am So Done With Having A Cast

Can't we move on to the next stage already?

(Please don't remind me that there's at least 6 weeks of this left. That I'm only 72 hours in. I don't need to hear it, just now.)

Any one-handed craft ideas?



David said...

Hi there I just saw your blog and wanted to see how your feeling? I fell on ice and off a curb and broke my wrist as well. I got my cast Thursday and still getting used to it. The swelling is finally going down but still painful. Well feel free to write,er peck and vent,David.

Jen Anderson said...

Poor you!

As for one-handed crafts, how about crochet? You just have to hold the piece in your left hand while your right does all the work. Or drawing, or painting, maybe? Does reading craft cooks count as a craft?