Friday, February 20, 2009

Here I Am Today

This is me, today.

I'm thinking about a lot of people today: my new friend, who is so much fun to learn about; an old friend who is so far away, but still takes the time to check in with me and ask how I am; a work friend who just found out he has cancer and will have surgery in three weeks; a friend who's getting married and is letting me help plan her day; my cool teenager brother who texts dorky old me to ask what I think; and others, so many others.

I'm thinking about my broken wrist and how little it really matters.

I'm thinking about republicans and muslims and homosexual people and am shocked by all of us, all of our fear and misunderstanding and hatred. And I am thinking about mercy and love and William Langland's words from around 1400: “All the wickedness in this world that man might work or think is no more to the mercy of God than a live coal in the sea.”

I'm thinking about the path that's led me to this place, here in the world, the paths I didn't take (by God's mercy) and the paths laid out before me and the people I love, and I am surprised again and again by our capacity to care for each other, to give each other exactly what we need, and to rise above the differences we have and the hardnesses we carry in our hearts.

I'm grateful today, and happy.

And hoping to live like this poem.


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Anonymous said...

You and your cast look awesome! Yes, some people can be truly awful. But keep up your optimism about humanity (which I share). I think if more people believed that everyone is basically good, the world would be a better, less fearful place.