Monday, February 9, 2009

Oh My Weekend

I wasn't sure whether to punctuate the title "Oh, My Weekend" or "Oh My, Weekend" so I went sans comma. Here's the summary for ya:

1. Dad picked me up and I feasted on spinach quesadillas at an El Salvadorian restaurant.
2. We went to the "Bishop Arts District" and ate fresh chocolate cake, shopped at a pet store, toured an art gallery, and drank fancy root beer out of glass bottles.
3. Saw Roxie!!!
4. Joined the rest of the family for dinner and our particularly wonderful brand of "family time"--tv and homemade chocolate/chocolate chip milkshakes.
5. Got my cast "tattooed" by the fam.
I drew the first one myself. The second and third Dad did.

And that last one? That's my fourteen-year-old brother. Shocking, isn't it, that he'd permanently emblazon his feelings on my cast? I love him, too.

1. Shopped all morning with my stepmother.
2. Didn't buy a thing (but she did...ha).
3. Returned home with dog and was excited beyond words to see this face:

1. Listened to my Sunday NPR shows: "Weekend Edition," "Prairie Home Companion," and "Car Talk." This was fabulous, just being happily at home with my comfort shows and my comfort dog. Still miss knitting with comfort wool, but I'll get there soon enough.
2. Cleaned so thoroughly that my grandmother could come over. Seriously.
3. Celebrated the return of the dog by meeting my friend at the state park. We were so excited about the nice weather and the prospect of walking our dogs that we started out on a new trail. A few miles in, we realized we forgot to see how long the trail was. A few more miles, we wondered if this might be a real problem. A few miles (and four hours from setting out) we stoppend and asked some bikers, who shared that it was a twelve mile trail and that we had three miles left. We were in good spirits and having a good time, but when the sun set behind the horizon we wondered off the trail toward a light that turned out to be a park ranger's home. He gave us a ride back to the trailhead, though I'm sure we had less than a mile left. My friend and I, and our dogs, drove quickly to the frozen custard shop to make up the calories from our five and a half hour long walk.
4. Roxie and I slept. Really well.

And I got my latest order in the mail today. Amy Butler and Anna Maria Horner designer fabric that makes me want to learn to sew one handed. Isn't it all just gorgeous?

Long story short: "No boredom this weekend!"



Jen Anderson said...

OMG, that walk can't have been good for your wrist. I once went to go rowing with a friend in Central Park a week or so after having knee surgery. I found out while we're on line that she had NEVER gone rowing before. So I had to row for most of it. My knee was quite unhappy after that.

Love the bandage tattoos!

Abby said...

Sounds like a fun and productive weekend! Love the cast art work!