Saturday, September 13, 2008

And It's Saturday!

Yesterday I felt fabulous. (Don't get me wrong; I'm still in a bit of pain and still having to "irrigate" my mouth three times a day, BUT I feel blessed to be sort of back to myself after a hard week.) I was even able to get my work done, which is great because everyone can now get paid on Monday and they will still love me.

And so today, to celebrate I had a self-centered day where I only did what I wanted to do. Here is what I did:
1. I got up early and went to Weight Watchers. I lost 3 pounds this week and really enjoyed the meeting leader who shared that he'd quit Weight Watchers six times before he lost his weight. (It makes you feel good, that.) That's 3 pounds of food for someone hungry (see my "Lose for Good" post below)! And now I'm back to my lowest weight from a couple of weeks ago.
2. I went back to bed and slept cuddled up with my darling dog.
3. I got up, put my contacts in and my makeup on (this, in and of itself is a wonderful thing -- when one is laying in bed missing teeth these things tend to get left out in favor of sleep) and drove to a prayer shawl ministry meeting. I was able to borrow a crochet hook to tuck in all the ends of my now finished clapotis (Hooray! Pictures soon!). Then I began a red scarf that, this Christmas, will go to a foster child who is aging out of the foster system, unadopted.
4. I had a yummy healthy lunch with the prayer shawl ladies. (If you'd like to know, it included a tomato stuffed with tuna salad, with sides of soft crackers, fresh cucumbers and watermelon and cantaloupe. Mmmm.)
5. I talked to all of my friends, locating everyone during this storm and finding them all safely evacuated,
6. slept a while. (Seems to be a lot of sleep here.)
7. I ate a Braum's chocolate ice cream soda for dinner. And it was wonderful.
8. All at the same time I accomplished laundry, my first-ever viewing of Pretty Woman which I did like, and knitting on the self-striping sock (I turned the heel).
9. And here most recently, I took a long bath with my Burt's Bees kit and admired myself. I am learning to love my body, despite all its flaws, and, I think, it's a pretty good body. Nothing much wrong with it. It survived the teeth pulling and does me quite well most days. It deserves a little pampering.

Now, I smell like peppermint and rosemary and all manner of yummy things and I am drinking a cup of red zinger tea. And I am happy. Blessed, if you will.


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Abby said...

It sounds like you had a great day! You deserve it.