Monday, September 22, 2008

A Little Memory

I think I have officially heard from every single friend that lives in South Texas. All alive, some with more electricity, cable, internet, phone than others. Some with more home than others. But all ok. And this is a blessing.

Due to the evacuating, I got to see my dear A this weekend. I haven't seen here in two years(!), though there was a time when I was in her dorm room all day long. That time is pictured here:

That's me, on the right, in the poncho. Ahem. A in the middle, and R on the left. (R has appeared here on the blog recently as a visitor, too.)

I forgot my camera when I saw here here this weekend, so this old photo will have to do. It's us, as college sophomores, on our way to salsa night. A did my hair and makeup.

I don't miss college really, but it is nice to have these memories (and I am so glad that R took a picture!). These were the people that left me happy notes on my dry-erase board. We thought we were so adult.



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