Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Highly Unusual

So last night I was talking on the phone (this wasn't unusual) when I heard someone knocking on the door of the apartment above me. Loud, insistent knocking. Repeated knocking. But I ignored it (I was on the phone). Then Roxie lept off the couch, barking like she was raving mad. This was unusual. I got up, looked out my peephole, saw nothing, and ignored the dog. She crouched down on the floor and stared at the door much like my parents' cats watch birds through the window. This was odd.

So I walked to my sliding glass door, pushed the blinds aside, and saw a man standing on my balcony trying to get into the balcony above mine (I'm on the first floor). Then, without thinking at all, I threw open my door and yelled at him (I said "you need help or something" which I am a bit embarrassed about saying -- why not "what the hell are you doing"? -- I'm polite, even if you're climbing my balcony) and he jumped down and sort of started walking casually away from me. Then, out of the recesses of my apartment(a few feet behind me), comes Roxie, barking angrily and running toward the man like a mad dog. He said "whoa!" and ran away.

I ended my phone conversation, called the apartments, and they notified the "courtesy officer" who lives there and, as far as I know, he took care of it.

I have no idea who that man was. I heard my neighbors moving around later, but I don't even know what my neighbors look like. Was he trying to break in? Was he my neighbor?

But I know one thing, and that is that I love this ridiculous creature that I live with. I wonder about her sometimes, because she is so easy-going and always so happy to meet a new person. But last night, I wasn't scared at all. I have NO idea why I opened the door (that was a bit crazy, admittedly) except that I was angry. Thank God he didn't have a gun or something. But Roxie definitely "had my back" and she is worth every bite of kibble that she ate last night.

Thanks, Rox.


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Abby said...

Oh My God Shannah! I am so glad you have Roxie. Scratch her ears and tell she's a good girl for me. Please be more careful in the future. All though it probably was a good thing that he got to see Roxie. Maybe it will keep him from coming back.