Thursday, September 4, 2008

We Knitters

We knitters are a crazy group.

Now, there are lots of reasons why I might make that statement, but today it is because of this: The Tsarina's "Lancaster and York Socks". I am taken by them. There are so many things about them that I love, namely, a) the Shakey reference (surely we're not the only family that calls the old bard by a loving nickname?), b) that the "Old Heraldic Pattern" is continued on the heel flap (oh, the genius of that Tsarina), c) that there's an "Old Heraldic Pattern," d)the little intarsia rose on each toe, and e) that they don't match (who needs matching socks anyway?). What I don't like is this: you have to be a member of the sock club to get this kit. Pooh.

Oh well. Someday I'll be able to order it. There are some of her genius little kits that I would like to order now, like this and this and this.

Sigh. If I make one of them and give it to someone else for Christmas, that justifies spending the money, right??? Please don't answer that.

But, as so often in the world of knitting, I have found another joyful moment. There are so many of us nerdy knitters.

Snort. Patterns with literary connections. Anyone, anyone, who loves both knitting and literature is right up my ally.


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