Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Lose for Good

Just as I was evaluating my weekend, which was WONDERFUL on the seeing friends and eating good food end and not so good on my waistline, I logged onto my e-mail and discovered something cool.

The CEO of Weight Watchers (this is who I am using to lose weight) announced a new fundraising program, "Lose for Good" in which "for every pound of weight lost with Weight Watchers between 9/7/08 and 10/18/08, Weight Watchers will donate the equivalent of one pound of food, up to one million dollars, to one of two organizations: Share Our Strength, the leading organization working to make sure no kid in America grows up hungry, and Action Against Hunger, which brings immediate and long-term solutions for hunger to populations around the world."

I'm not trying to be a commercial here, but I was really glad that just as I was getting back on the proverbial wagon, Weight Watchers was donating money to the hungry, "trying to bring a balance." If you've been thinking about joining, now might be the time... for more info go here.


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